Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip 15 days away.

I'm anxious for the trip. I feel there is much still to prepare. Frank suggested we do a hike with the packs before we go. I think that's a good idea. Then I can get a feel for the pack on my back. I'm working on the menu for the trip still. Frank and I sat down a couple days ago and went over some ideas. I see at Trader Joe's they have vacuum packed steamed white or brown rice. That sounds easy. I'm looking for protein options. Tuna fish in the packs sound good and cheese seems to be a big option. There is a cheese that is not in the cold section that I also saw at Trader Joe's.

Here is a pic from last year. Near the falls on the Mist Trail, where the 3 people last Sunday went over the falls to there death. Crazy!!!

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